4th November 2020

We need to look after each other with infection rates dangerously high, says Council chief


Sandwell is facing a fresh government lockdown instruction with COVID-19 infection rates dangerously high and rising exponentially.

That’s the stark warning from council public health chiefs.

They are calling on people to do all they can to stop the spread of the virus during the lockdown, starting tomorrow.

Sandwell Council Deputy Leader, Councillor Maria Crompton, said: “This winter may be one of the toughest periods in our recent history and we’ll only get through it if we take it seriously and look after each other.

“We’re urging people to stay home and not have visitors unless they are providing essential care.

“If you have to go out to work or to buy essential items, it’s crucial that you maintain at least two metres from other people at all times and you may be fined if you are out of your home for a non-essential reason.

“Younger people should remember that they can also become very ill or die if infected – and they can pass on the virus to older family members with fatal consequences.”

Director of Public Health, Dr Lisa McNally, said: “The number of people in hospital with COVID-19 is similar to the number in early May during the first wave – and is rising fast.

“In fact the numbers in hospital have doubled in the just the last two weeks.”

Official government confirmation of the new restrictions is expected tomorrow. The council will publish local information and links to national guidance on its website – www.sandwell.gov.uk/covid19


Published: 4th November 2020