Work of the SAB

We help people work together to stop adults being abused.

What we do

  • We write policies and procedures so that organisations work together to more effectively safeguard adults with support needs who may be at risk and prevent abuse.
  • We monitor different types of abuse and how it is dealt with, and constantly improve how this can be done. We want to learn more about what works well.
  • We provide opportunities for learning and development to ensure we work together to make safeguarding personal and enable people to feel safe.
  • We make people aware of how serious abuse is, and help them to take action to prevent it.
  • We take abusers, and organisations that are not keeping people safe, to court.


Who we are 

Sandwell Safeguarding Adults Board is made up of representatives from:

  • health services
  • social care services
  • the police and courts
  • housing organisations
  • voluntary organisations
  • lay members

In Sandwell we aim to prevent and reduce the risk of significant harm to adults with care and support needs from abuse or other types of exploitation, whilst supporting individuals in maintaining control over their lives and in making informed choices without coercion.

Board Priorities


Contribute and influence the strategic development of practice and undertake safeguarding adult reviews.


Quality and Excellence

Continue to focus on effective delivery and high quality processes.



Continue to raise awareness of adult abuse communicating effectively with all partners and members of the public.

Sandwell’s Safeguarding Adults Board ensures all partner organisations work together to prevent abuse and to protect people if they are harmed or exploited.

Several agencies are represented on the board and there are 4 meetings a year.

If you wish to contact the Board, please email